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Drive in Paint brings paint and products to Dedham.  Dedham is a suburb of Boston incorporated in 1636, and nearly 400 years later it is a bustling bedroom community. Dedham is also home to the Fairbanks Home, which is the oldest timber-framed building in North America, dating back to 1636.  Paint Dedham is our story.  

Paint and paint products like Benjamin Moore are in high demand due to the age of the town and therefore the age of the building both commercial and residential.  Wall coverings as well as window treatments and window fashions such as shades, shutters, and blinds are also in high demand – paint Dedham.  Due to the advanced age of these homes and commercial businesses, the inherent need to paint, repaint, trim, siding, windows, and doors in these communities is and will remain an ongoing process in great demand. 

Today, Dedham is home to roughly 25,000 residents spread across nearly 9,000 households, meaning there are plenty of Paint Dedham residents in need of our interior and exterior remodeling services!  Paint for both commercial and residential needs is what we do with our store at 520 Providence Hwy (Rte 1).  Please stop by for more tips, hints, and instructions:

Give Drive-In Paint Mart a call Today!   781-708-9426

Whether residential or commercial, buildings need paint and Drive-In Paint in Dorchester on Gallivan Blvd is your best option as a place for all your needs including more expert advice and direction.

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