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Paint Boston

Paint Boston anyone?  Benjamin Moore or Ben Moore or BM is one of the oldest and most successful companies in North America.  BM aspires to continue it’s long life.  Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country with old buildings and old paint. Cabot is one of the old names in Boston and they make a great product with their lineup of stains and coatings.  Blessed with a unique history, Boston started with the Mayflower and today is a destination and hub for the world.  The list includes students, colleges, medical, researchers, scientists, bankers, business leaders, travelers and more.   Got paint?

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Due to it’s age, the need for paint, stain and wallpaper is practically infinite.  Paint Boston includes wallpaper and window fashions too and these will always be in demand.  The range of paint and wallcoverings needed to satisfy the many tastes and design opportunities makes this area an artist’s/designer’s dream.  Paint Boston or paint my home Boston, paint near me, paint near me Boston, wallcoverings and wallcoverings Boston are all phrases that could describe the potential of the area.  For tips and helpful hints and instructions click here:

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At one time in addition to being a seafaring city Boston was also well known as a shoe city.  Painting of some of the old shoe factories was highly labor intensive as there were not the machines available as todays.  E.T. Wright, Bostonian, Regal, L.A. Crosset Co and more.  Thousand of shoes were made, sold and shipped to all points.   

Home or Business

Whether residential or commercial, buildings need paint and Drive In Paint in Dorchester on 705 Gallivan Blvd is the place for all your needs especially the expert advice and direction.

Due to the advanced age of the these home and commercial businesses, the inherent need to repaint trim, siding, windows and doors in these communities is and will remain an ongoing process in great demand.   For tips, hints and instructions:

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