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Braintree, MA

Painted home

Like most townspaint colors appear in every direction on homes and businesses.  So paint Braintree! Located at the end of the MBTA Red Line’s southern terminus, Braintree is a quiet residential area compared to the rest of Greater Boston. Settled in 1625, the area is one of the oldest in the United States, which means it’s full of historic buildings and charming New England style homes. In order to keep these beautiful homes maintained, it’s often necessary to make repairs and replacements to the house’s exterior — especially to doors and windows – which usually includes a coat or two of paint.


With a choice of hardware stores and big box retail home improvment stores, Drive In Paint in Dorchester, Dedham, South Boston and Abington offers a recipe but more importantly if offers the opportunity for a great experience with the confidence you gain speaking with our staff about the project you are about to tackle.  Paint and wallpaper along with window treatments gives you the homeowner most everything you need.  Paint and wallpaper accessories are in abundant supply as well. 

AGE of Paint

Due to the advanced age of the these home and commercial businesses, the inherent need to paint, repaint, trim, siding, windows and doors in these communities is and will remain an ongoing process in great demand. 

The high demand for both paint and painters in Braintree keep DIP on point.  Paint and the job of painting in these communities is and will remain an ongoing process as buildings continue to age.  

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