Find the Right Window Treatment

There are so many variables to consider when selecting window treatments and there is no manual that tells you how to pick the right window treatment for your room. 

There are three good reasons why you should schedule a Drive In Paint-Mart Window Treatment designer to visit your home prior to signing a purchase order for new window treatments.

Accurate Measurements
An expert measures windows for a living and you measure windows a few times in your life! Without accurate measurements, you increase the likelihood of having window treatments that are never quite right. They can also present various options for installation and give you valuable advice as to what works best for your home.

Expert Opinion
When a Drive In Paint-Mart’s designer comes to your home, they quickly identify the nuances of your rooms and may pull inspiration that you started glazing over years ago.

Certified Professionals
Many of Drive In Paint-Mart’s window treatment experts have had to pass certifications issued by companies before they can work with their products. The training allows the designers to better serve their customers with extensive product knowledge and fulfill their commitment of superior service, quality and delivery. 

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