Planning fall projects – timing your purchases

Cooling trend in building material prices bodes well for Fall projects.

2021: We have all had sticker shock over the last year on building materials.  However, latest analysis is showing a moderation in prices and some significant downward movement.  Perhaps we are trending toward days of old, price normalization, monetary mitigation that will go a long way in easing our collective anxiety.


We suggest start by going online to start the process of gathering all you will need for your project.  By doing so you can cover a lot of ground fast and this exercise will give you a good handle on just what your total material costs will be! Plan your project!

Pro Tip: check out this vide0 for one project on your list:

DYI vs Hiring a pro

If you like to do things yourself, if you have both the creativity and the skill with tools then we think you are good to go.  If not and you are leaning toward hiring a pro, give yourself extra time by starting the search very early.  Our recent experience tells us these pros are booked way out and have a hard time even returning calls let alone coming by to give estimates so call early – plan early.  Also by starting early you have time to screen several tradesman which is essential to get the right team for the best outcome. 

We also know that it is still the case that materials have been severely hampered by slow downs in often multiple parts of the supply chain making nearly everything hard to comeby.  We can tell you to expect long delays (weeks & months) for any one or more of the items you need – the new normal.

Theses steps will go along way in helping you lower your anxiety because your expectations will have been adjusted to the current reality.

With all the potential projects in the homeowners world, all but a few require some sort of finish.  Let our Benjamin Moore experts guide you there by stopping by one of our 4 locations.  Visit us at: